Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

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Re: Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

JL Salvignol wrote:

The fight or of the devil and the angel:

All this is - unexpectedly - very very very positive for the V3.

Lol well, I look at this with no brand loyalty at this point, from the point of view of as -tools. What I mean is- what if I decide it's not for me? Does it necessarily mean "oh Ricardo didn't get it? "  Does it necessarily mean "oh Ricardo surely thinks it's a bad camera for everyone?"

(not talking about you now)- I have often seen this kind of reaction in dpreview forums. There's no room for "I think it's a good camera but it is not quite what I was looking for but I am sure that for you it will be great" kind of possibility. Or many other possibilities.

The V3 is very attractive to me for being QSF (Quiet Small Fast) with reasonable enough quality for the night shots I want to do (as it is emerging in my re-review of what I took).  I place a huge priority on ergonomics- the V3 is the first Nikon 1 that has the size and ergos that I can live with (the V2 is close but I want smaller).

My possibility here is indeed "more optimistic" for "the V3" if you really want to look at it that way but I really think it would be better for everyone if they just looked at it as a tool evaluation, and even if I thought it was just a bad camera in general, just pick and still choose according to needs and even perhaps understand disagreements if that makes sense.

Hope that makes sense  But hey if I get one soon again, you bet I will be pushing it to limits and taking photographs.

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The V2 is smaller than the V3. V2 is narrower at the lens mount. Any v3 size advantage due to it's modular design is compromised when the EVF is attached or the grip is attached.

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