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Lmendy wrote:

I like the 18-55. I would like to try the 16-50. There are 3 considerations that make me think the 16-50 might be a better choice (on an XE2 body):

1. Light weight and easier to shoot one handed.

2. Wider

3. I frequently change the aperture on the 18-55 accidently. I have the 27mm pancake and actually prefer adjusting the aperture with the rear dial on the camera body.

My biggest concern is image quality. Is the image quality similar between these 2 lenses?

Thanks to all.

The Fuji 16-50mm has superb image quality (good copy of course, my disclaimer with any standard zoom range lens, wide to short tele).

It relies on image corrections, but is very good overall and those corrections are transparent if you shoot JPEG or use RAW in Lightroom (some developers might have issue and require manual correction).

However, the lens is very cheaply built. I have two copies and one clicks as it hits 50mm, barrel and mount are plastic, doesn't feel high quality.

It is definitely one of the better kit lenses I have used for image quality, but not for build quality.

Honestly the diagonal field of view uncorrected is the same as the Fuji 14mm, but that is only due to the distortion, corrected and cropped it is slightly (not much) tighter than the 14mm.


Here I have a review of the lens, a comparison with some other kit lenses, and some other stuff that happened to show up in my search.

I think it is excellent deal with one of the X-A1/M1, but people buying the other cameras might prefer a better built lens.


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