Good results with the 58 1.4G on a D800???

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Re: Good results with the 58 1.4G on a D800???

sgoldswo wrote:

LD_50 wrote:

Color rendition and accuracy through the ISO range would be items to compare Df to D800 and have little to do with the lens chosen.

True, but they matter to the final image, which is all that matters.

I agree, these things matter to the final image (again why I shoot a D4s and not a D800). I made the statement because you said the 58 1.4 is at its best on the Df body. The reasons given are inherent to the Df and are not related to the lens chosen.

Downsampling doesn't add any step in PP. Print or view at your chosen output size with images from each camera. At equal DPI the D800 image will be a lot larger. At the same size the D800 image will have higher extra steps needed and the automatic downsampling you've just done in equalizing output size will result in a better resolution image from the D800 with better microcontrast. The optical issues with the lens disappear as you move to smaller output sizes as well. If you're printing large than the Df file will be lower DPI and look worse anyway. I still don't see the argument here unless you only view at large magnifications on screen.

To each his own - I don't get the argument that being able to downsample means you have an implicit advantage!

The advantage from downsampling is easy to see in print sizes.

Print a Df image at native size and 300 DPI-- Approximately 11x16"

Print a D800 image at native size and 300 DPI-- Approximately 16x24"

Print a D800 image at 11x16-- You end up with around 450 DPI

Print a Df image at 16x24-- You end up with around 205 DPI

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