K-5 Blurry Night Shots WITH Tripod

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Re: K-5 Blurry Night Shots WITH Tripod

As covered elsewhere in the replies to this post, a number of factors have combined to give your blurry photo

1) Use of shutter button directly - means SR not off, plus likely movement of camera as you push the button - a 1s shutter speed is too short for any vibrations to die down. Solutions- use 2s or 12 s self timer option and/or a remote release- either an IR wireless or a wired remote, both types available on e-bay or similar for a few quid/dollars

2) Windy conditions leading to camera shake - Solution- hang camera bag from tripod to increase mass and thus reduce the amplitude of vibrations, also shiled tripod from wind using body, or wait for a drop in the wind if gusty, but also apply solution 1!

3) Out of focus shot. With a vanilla flavour K5 the autofocus is not great in very low light (the K5ii is better in this regard) Manual focus and consider using live view, even without focus peaking the K5 LV is fin for manual focussing in dark conditions if you use the magnify function

As a side order, I tend to expose for the highlights and bring up the shadows in post - works well with lower ISOs

An alternative approach is to use higher ISOs, faster shutter speeds and a monopod, typically 1/10-1/5th with a monopod and bracing against the body and breathing slowly can produce good results

A tripod shot with the K5 -10S F8 ISO 640

Tripod F7.1 8S ISO250

See my Flickr set "Night on the Mid-Hants" for some exanmples


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