New FE Lens Announced - Zeiss 16-35mm F4.0

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Re: New FE Lens Announced - Zeiss 16-35mm F4.0

NomadMark wrote:

Pat Whittingham wrote:

I agree with your assumption on size and weight being roughly equivalent with the Nikon 16-35mm f4.

Thank you for the mock up. This actually was very helpful.

I had the Nikon 16-35mm f4 with a Nikon D800 until about a year ago but rarely used it as the total camera/lens package was too large and somewhat heavy for air travel.

Seeing it here with the A7 helps me visualize the package size. It is probably fine with the Sony grip but then it is pretty close to the size of the D800.

This has convinced me to go with a prime and until we see a native Sony Zeiss FE UWA prime or Zeiss manual designed for FE mount, I guess I'll need to use the EA4/24mmZA

Thanks so much for your effort.

If you don't have a the Sony A mount adapter yet, there are other options that are much smaller.

Metabones adapter with Canon 24mm 2.8 IS USM is fantastic. Every bit as sharp as the Zeiss 24mm f2, with close to a 3 stop advantage wide open because of the IS. Four stops when stopped down. Better landscape combo, if you ask me.

AF is obviously slower (1-2 seconds to lock), and vignette wide open is a little worse, but it is just as sharp if not sharper (especially when stopped down between 4f-f8), and it's a heck of a lot smaller and lighter. Smaller than the 55 FE.

And even if you DO have the Sony adapter (which I do), this combo was cheaper for me than buying the Sony Zeiss 24mm alone, let alone the combo.

Similar to what I found too. Canon 35/2.0 IS on A7R thru adapter is as sharp as FE 35, actually a bit sharper at edges. AF is pretty slow however but it's one-stop faster with 'IS'. Since FE 24-70 disappointed, I skip this zoom and just use the 24-70L/2.8 II (the best zoom in this range in market) thru adapter on A7R, results are fantastic although still relative big/heavy. Nevertheless I hope Sony does right for this FE 16-35 this time. I need a walk-around FE zoom that can AF fast.

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