Nikon D800 to FujiFilm X-T1 - Worth it?

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Re: Nikon D800 to FujiFilm X-T1 - Worth it?

Just a thought, but I own a D800E, a Df and a X-T1. I'm not so much a fan of the X-T1 as I am of the Fuji lenses, which are excellent as others have said. I don't think you can get better in terms of lenses designed for APS-C sensors. I have mixed feelings about the X-T1 itself. This is probably because i owned the Df first, but I can't help feeling that the X-T1 is a poor copy of the Df with an EVF instead of an optical VF. Oddly I far preferred the X-Pro1 to the X-T1 (I may even sell the X-T1 and buy a second hand X-Pro1, just to use the glass). I actually wonder if the Df was conceived or revived as a response to higher end mirrorless cameras rather than being intended to compete with other DSLRs.

Suffice it to say I prefer the Df to the X-T1. You may find that swapping your D800 for a Df is a move that would help you keep your glass and minimise losses while maintaining most capability. For all those who say there isn't a real different between the D800 and the Df, well, they are wrong, there's a big difference in hand.

keerf00 wrote:

Hi All,

Over the summer, I picked up a Nikon D800. I had set aside the money, got some decent glass, and jumped into the full frame market. I will freely admit the camera is more then I know, but I wanted something that would last and I would grow with.

Lately I've had my eye on mirrorless cameras, and also the size of them. My hands are not overly steady at times which doesn't always play well with the D800. I work through it though with tuning the ISO and fstop to meet my needs.

What I'm curious about is this, there is a part of me that is considering moving to the Fuji and getting rid of my Nikon (mainly cause I can trade them in). I really can't afford a new system without trading in the old one. Is it worth making the jump to something like that? Or am I just selling myself short by giving up on the D800.

I truly love the camera, but I wonder if it might be to much for me at times, though I have learned a good deal about myself as a photographer with it.

Thanks for any input.


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