a99 & Pixel King TTL Flash Trigger

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Re: a99 & Pixel King TTL Flash Trigger

marald wrote:

Hi, I saw your thread about the A99 and pixel king.
Today I received my A99 and pixel king set with an extra receiver, but it isn't working. I tried upgrading the firmware, but it looks like the devices where already updated to v1020. The strange thing is, I can trigger the flash (either one of mine HVL 43's) by using ttl/adi mode but it won't sync properly. The flash is either before or after the exposure. When I chose manual mode, it won't even trigger (although I see the pixel king blue led turn to red while pressing the shutter).

I tried the pixel king with my A700 as well, but ran in to the same problems.

Even when I put a HVL 43 on top of the pixel king directly on the camera, it won't trigger anymore in manual mode, and be off-sync in ttl mode.

Maybe I've got some settings wrong, but won't know where to start.

Any tips??

I have had my PK for quite awhile and I use them on my a99 with no issues. I have never upgraded the firmware on them and haven't even checked what version I am running. I am using the HVL-58 flash. Maybe you have a bad set?

Do you have them set right on the same group and channel?

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