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Re: X-T1 Enhancements?

Samaistuin wrote:

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helmus wrote:

wcowan wrote:

I also second (third?) the wish for shutter speeds slower than 30 seconds without external hardware. I see no reason that it would be difficult to increase that limit to 30 mins in firmware. I regularly shoot 1 to 5 minute exposures as do many other landscapers.

What camera can do that?

None that I know of, but how do you create the best camera if you just copy what everyone else is doing. I believe many would find it a very useful function that will save work-arounds in the field. This one should be easy to implement too.

Make no photos with more than 1/30 sec exposure time, this saves a lot of time.

A build-in tripod would also save a lot of work-arround time

Ditto, that would be a nice and easy feature to improve.

Copy others' good ideas, go your own way when they are limiting themselves.

I see ... installing everything what is possible and each function has its own button, so you can call any function immediately.

I wonder how Ansel Adams has made wonderful pictures, without all this?

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