New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: vs GM1

technic wrote:

My main concern is image quality: how will it compare to a GM1 with the 12-32 (24-64 equiv.) kit zoom? The GM1 zoom is slow but good quality. If the RX100-3 has the same optical quality, 1.5-2 stops more usable aperture (on equivalent basis less because of sensor size), an EVF + tiltscreen and hopefully an improved IS unit it should be an excellent alternative to the GM1.

I think this is exactly what Sony is doing here - they are making the RX line into a prosumer, higher margin line that brackets m43 with 1" and FF sensors.

Sony's expertise is in electronics and miniaturisation - not optics. Creating lenses is not really the game they want to be in - so they leave it to Zeiss for that. So it's better for them if they can sell all-in-one cameras for a premium rather than selling (as it were) the razor and letting someone else benefit from selling the blades.

I'm increasingly coming round to this view myself. Rather than carrying around a body and several lenses I now prefer to have one carry-everywhere body and another with a prime lens - in my case an RX100 mk1 and an X100. The GM1 does look quite tempting, but if the RX100 mk3 does come with a 24mm lens then I will be sorely tempted. (If it came with a touchscreen I would slam my money down right now - why do so many camera makers still seem to think of it as a fad? Even Leica has realised how useful it is...)

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