New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Too expensive?

technic wrote:

For telephoto I don't think there is a big gain. What most people want is better DOF control, and shrinking the maximum tele from 100 to 70 makes using limited DOFmore difficult. The smaller maximum tele is compensated by a little over 1 stop (?) gain in aperture compared to 70mm on the RX100-1/2, but in the end the gain for DOF is relatively small. With the originally rumored f/1.8-2.8 28-100mm the gain would have been much more obvious.

I'm one of those disappointed that we're only getting f/2.8 at 70mm rather than the 100mm that was initially rumoured. f/2.8 would have been a significant advantage over the f/4.9 on the RX100/M2 at 100mm. The RX100M3 is still 1 stop better at 70mm than the R100/M2 (which is f/4.0), but it's not going to be the big gain I was hoping for.

The other question in this new lens is how quickly the maximum aperture reduces. We already see the RX100/M2 drop from f/1.8 at 28mm to f/2.8 at 35mm - that's a 1.3 stop drop in a very narrow focal range. The Canon G1X Mk II drops from f/2.0 at 24mm to f/2.8 at 28mm - 1 full stop.

I don't expect this much for the RX100M3 - f/1.8-2.8 is only a 1.3 stop range after all - but I would expect to see at least 0.5 stops. So we could see the RX100M3 drop to f/2.2-2.4 at 28mm. This would be significant for me, as I use my RX100M2 at f/1.8 28mm all the time in low light, but 24mm is too wide for general photography and to lose half a stop or more at 28mm on the RX100M3 would be a step backwards for me.

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