New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: RX100 duo?

maple wrote:

technic wrote:

It would not be smaller than RX10, just the 80-300mm model would be a lot bigger due to the 300mm. Not a good idea, this would not have any practical advantage except maybe optimizing the optical performance of the lens which would be tele only (but the target audience doesn't seem very interested in high optical quality ...).

Hey, I didn't even say the f number.

The f number is important, but there is a limit to how much you can shrink a tele lens, assuming a decent aperture (otherwise no one will buy it).

Lens for smaller sensor is always proportionally smaller. The advantage is all the more pronounced in the tele focal range, when a lens can get just too big.

yes, but as long as the sensor size is the same (1 inch) there is not much you can do about lens size. I think a 80-300mm equivalent lens with e.g. f/4 would still be bigger than the 2.8/24-200 on the RX10. Of course you could make the lens even dimmer, but it would be of very little use. You could just as well use a pocketable superzoom with 30-50x tele (and pinhole aperture and matching low light performance and DOF...) ;-(

There is a 70-300mm equiv. zoom for Nikon 1. But this works be

That lens is 189-810mm FF equivalent.

sorry, my error - the Nikon 1 lens is indeed 70-300mm nominal, so super telephoto.

cause Nikon 1 has removable lenses ...

I think the opposite is true: fixed lens has the advantage of retracting a little into the body to be smaller, as well as optimized matching of sensor and lens.

what I meant was that you can make the Nikon 1 smaller for certain jobs by mounting a small prime. Can't do that with an RX10 or other long zoom RX camera.

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