x100 vs X100s: a question of color rendition

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Re: x100 vs X100s: a question of color rendition

I'll file agree that the Fuji X100 has that "something special" about it. I can't quite place my finger on it. I've been shooting with it since November 2011 and have NO desire to change it for anything else. Add to it? Sure. Replace it? No. It's not just getting a nice worn/patina to it from use and it's my "best photographic friend". The one I can always count on day in and day out. When it eventually is replaced, it won't be intentional - rather out of necessity for it dying.

I also have an X-E1 which does have the X-trans, the version before the X100s. But the main difference is the AF on the X100s x-trans vs the X-E1's version. I believe the color rendition / general IQ to be the same. They are both outstanding! However, at least to me, it is missing something. With that said, there are benefits to the X-trans, such as much faster AF and what is generally thought of as a sharper image with the unique pixel-sensor design / no AA filter.

For the price, I think the X100 is a bargain. If mine died, I'd replace it ASAP another X100. YMMV. I think the X100 would serve you well unless you need faster AF and some of the other features of the X100s. Outside of that, save the cash and enjoy!

Warning, Fuji's are addicting!

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