x100 vs X100s: a question of color rendition

Started May 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
dummygj New Member • Posts: 23
Re: x100 vs X100s: a question of color rendition

First I don't want to say that I feel pity I bought the X100s and sold my X100. However, manytimes when looking back to my X100 photos I say: 'O yeah, that was it'. And then I'm talking about that special look, colors and depth in the X100 photos. It definitely differs from the X100s. First months I felt some regrets about exchanges my X100, however not anymore.

I have to say if you ask me: 'Would you do it again, if you knew what you know today?'. My answer is: 'No, X100 was/is fine to me, especially with new firmware'.

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