x100 vs X100s: a question of color rendition

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Re: x100 vs X100s: a question of color rendition

hi, well yes, you are right. X100 has much more dynamic range IMO and a bit different colors in each film simulation mode (velvia with X100 is pretty nice and not so good with X100S - because of clipped shadows). other difference is mainly in red color. X100 has nice deep red and x100S has it more bright and more digital. but its not a bad thing. Its up to you what you prefer. X100S has better EVF (but its not a day and night difference. It has also brighter OVF overlay while shooting in day light. It has Q button, lower noise while shooting on higher ISO and sharper images). On the other side you can buy X100 limited edition for less than X100S in silver. You will get hood, case, filter, adapter..nice smooth black painting). While you install firmware 2.1 you will not notice slow AF . You will also get focus peaking ... X100 has also nicer image noise (more random and sot so digital).. I also don't like X-trans sensor (its feels to me like adding +40% clarity in lightroom - a bit plastic look which is not real). but hey, just try them by yourself :).. like me. cheers

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