Iphone vs cameras(looking for comparable video/sound quality)

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Iphone vs cameras(looking for comparable video/sound quality)

I am in the market for a camera that I pretty much only use to concerts, either from the front row all the way to arena/stadiums. I have just settled to using my iphone 5 because I haven't had the urge to spend money on an actual camera. Nor have I really cared if they are great or not. I take a even amount of both videos and photos. Now that I am in search of a camera, there's just too many to even try to narrow down to what I should get.  My best help so far is watching other peoples youtube videos and then asking them what camera was used. I have watched one too many that  the video or the sound is fine, but never both. My phone seems to be the best option I've come across for great even sound. But of course the camera other than that is a no-go.

I had been thinking I would venture into the mirror-less option, but I was wanting to have a few great shots from a show I went to, so I asked a friend to borrow their newish camera. A few years back I had a canon powershot 630(3x-5mp) I think, but my friend has the powershot elph 150 IS, which is 10X, 20MP, 720p if I remember correctly. The 630 was fine when I was 18, lol, but now that phones are getting better it's pointless to even use. But with that I still thought I should try my friends since that was free.  Well still the sound isn't 5% as great as my iphone.   The buttons are also flat against the camera which makes it hard when its dark to see what button I was trying to press and I didn't like how the video button, actually started the filming. I don't know if most new cameras work the same way or not, but I find it a tad annoying that I can't go to video and then press start and stop. Not a huge problem there, just annoying.

I had been looking into the G I X or the G(whatever number we are at now, lol), but I as least thing I need better than 5Xzoom. The 10X/20MP didn't seem like it was bad, I just really want to find one that has a sound that will at least compete with my iphone, if not blow it out of the water.

I would also want it to for sure have a flash, I'm not swayed for or against a viewfinder or anything like that.  If it were to be able to connect wirelessly to my iphone that would be a plus. Also if you do suggest any mirrorless cameras, I'm of course looking for ones that have compact lenses(or the ones that are collapsable). I was thinking I would get the new nikon V3, but haven't seen any footage to see if it'd even be a contender.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Canon PowerShot ELPH 150 IS (IXUS 155) Nikon 1 V3
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