Canon 7D is 4 years and 8 months old this is not good for Canon

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if a Camera is good i have no problem if it takes a while to have a newer version..but 4 years and 8 months and no upgrade insight is propablly the longest in Canon histroy in the semi pro line.

Especially when the competition has overtaken the 7D in all important aspects.

Except the 7d, like the d300 is aimed at sports/wildlife photogs. What competition has overtaken that market segment? None. Are there better camera sensors in aps-c now? Certainly. But, the particular market segment the 7d and d300s are aimed at remains unchallenged. Which, of course, is why both Canon and Nikon have left it as the last to address in both lineups.

How do you know who is buying what camera and for what reason?  As for the 7D it is still a great camera but it doesn't have the resolution or frames per second of newer DSLRs and that "market segment" is certainly NOT unchallenged.

If you consider the 7D a sports/wildlife camera by virtue of it being a vehicle for Canon lenses, that is insufficient reason for Canon not to do something about upgrading their APSC sensor.

what does this mean? what can we expect in the near future for this class of camera?

From Canon? - I don't know...

is Canon lacking of new innovation or did digital camera technology reach its limit?

Canon has lost the plot in my opinion. That digital camera technology hasn't reached its limit is proven by the large number of better resolution, better noise and better dynamic range sensors on the market. Perhaps it is truer to say that Canon has reached its limits.

Canon has indeed fallen behind in their aps-c sensor development with one exception - the focus advances in the 70d for video.


It's clear Canon made a calculated decision to put their R&D $$ into other areas of development - their line of full frame cameras and the focus improvements for video. That means they now need to play catch-up on the areas you point out.

Again true.

Canon has rested on its laurels for too long and hasn't produced a semi-pro DSLR or "S" series lens for years. I'm not sure Canon can come back but I sure hope it does.

The 5dIII is an excellent semi-pro DSLR. Oh wait, in your opinion, you only consider APS-C as semi-pro, right?

No.  When I wrote what I did I was referring specifically to APSC sized DSLRs.  I didn't make that clear.

Yes, Canon hasn't produced a 7dII for the reasons above - growth oportunity is in full frame and mirrorless. Competition is in entry and professional. They've produced cameras in all those segments. The one segment they haven't produced one in is a rugged APS-C body.
The k-3 is the best competition for rugged aps-c. But, as it lacks the lenses to go with it, the camera isn't really a challenge to the segment Canon markets the 7d to. The K-3 is competition for the 70D though.

As for aps-c lenses. News flash: Canon has always built it's top lenses in EF, not EF-S format. They through a couple lenses out there for EF-S. But, they are also on the record as saying they believe the futurre of high end cameras is full frame, not APS-C. So, don't expect them to make more EF-S lenses equivalent to the L counterparts. If you want a company that is dedicated to APS-C at the high end, Canon isn't your company. For lens development, it never has been. We have the 17-55 f/2.8 is really the only "semi-pro" S lens. Every other EF-S lens is consumer grade. So, it's not like Canon switched direction here. They still have a wide range of consumer grade glass for EF-S but as always, their high end glass is EF mount.

Just because Canon think the future of "high end" cameras is full frame doesn't mean they can't make additions to or improvements to its EF-S range of lenses.  As for "semi-pro" lenses, even though I wasn't specifically referring to these, you can also add the 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 in that category.

My worry is that Canon have dropped the ball in terms of APSC development, both in lenses and in cameras.  I hope I am wrong because I am looking for a substantial upgrade to my ageing 50D in the coming year and would like to stick with Canon.

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