Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

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Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

wait what? Yup.

The more I thought about it the more undecided I was and another soul that really wanted it offered to buy it away. I was at the edge of the return to the store for refund deadline and decided to sell.

At the moment I sold I was simply undecided and I felt like since it is a full system switch, it's $2800 USD the way I want it, and it starts looking like Leica or Sony FF money at that point.

And.. well that's a bit pricey but if it does what I want - ok, fine- but I can't justify that kind of expense if I am not really sure about it. So it's not that the V3 I think it's bad or anything- but that I want to make sure it's a real match.

As the nights go on, and I try my Fuji XE1 at night, and I go over the files and photos I captured with the V3, and even some now in daylight I am seeing the V3 is holding its own quite well in daylight actually and was speedy for the night with the F1.8 prime. I was just starting to get more intuitive with it and I was getting also some rather nice B&W tonality with the 18.5 F1.8 prime (love that lens).

So I have started to miss it.. depending how much I miss it I will just get a new one again. To keep. And to get that F1.2 prime. That was part of the original plan. I bet that makes it look even better.

I am going to give myself until Saturday to see how much I really miss but looks like I am missing it quite a bit.

I have come to discover that one of the biggest hold backs is simply I don't see Nikon caring for the 1 system user. It's like the V3 is a good match for my needs not because they thought about it, but by accident. And they don't seem to care. - that Nikon 1 V1 issue of previewing every picture taken and no firmware upgrade for that- what the hell Nikon?

Again, in the context of spending so much cash, it really gives one pause.

The other thing I do miss is in-camera raw development. It allows me to play with a file in -camera and get an idea what can I do and some sort of instant feedback for exposures. And given the camera has wifi it just makes sense to be able to convert files to share. But I think I can deal with this.

There are some shots I can post later from others I did, I did not post all I had.

Right now I am just sort of dreaming the shots I would be capturing with it. Maybe I should just have kept

If someone is looking for a Summary recommendation no matter what I do it would go like this:

- you wanted to do fast sports photography or wildlife? Win

- you like any of the Nikon 1 bodies (Or J's) and wanted better overall operation/controls/size? In spite of the price? Win. Price an issue? Consider a V2.

- You want a QSF camera? (quiet/small/fast) - Win.

For me it's about QSF- for street life. I have no Nikon equipment.

Price gets a bit in the way but if it's really the better match, doesn't matter. Better pay more for something that does what you want than less for a "good deal" that does not. Biggest "fear" - that m4/3rds or Sony sorts out a competitor model that matches but so far nothing, and in the meantime shots that could be taken go and vanish in time, never to come back.

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