I feel misled: Panasonic 20mm f1.7 II AF is SO SLOW!

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Re: 17/1.8 is significantly faster than the 45/1.8

Anders W wrote:

"Are you claiming that the 17/1.8 is noticeably faster than other modern lenses with similar AF design like the 12/2 and the 45/1.8 included in my test? If so, on what basis do you make that claim?"

Nobody seems to have answered this.

In my experience, the 17/1.8 autofocuses significantly faster than the 45/1.8 under real-world shooting conditions.

I've taken around 5000 photos with the 45/1.8 and 10,000 with the 17/1.8, often switching between the two lenses several times a day.

The difference is especially noticeable in situations that require big changes in focusing distance (ie. from near to far or from far to near) - e.g., when shooting street.

The 45 is occasionally slow enough to miss shots.



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Scott, same experience here; though I do suspect the focal length of the 17mm makes it easier to focus?

In any case miles faster than te 20mm.

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