A77ii, so who is planning on getting one?

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Re: A77ii, so who is planning on getting one?

maxeythecat wrote:

SteveY80 wrote:

I'm a bit disappointed that it's missing the GPS. That's actually one of the reasons I was thinking about upgrading from my A57. There have been quite a few times when I've gone through old images I've taken on holiday or while walking, and wished I could check exactly were they were taken.

I think the other improvements are still enough get me to buy one though. At least once they've dropped in price a little.

In all honesty, GPS belongs in your car, not on your camera.

That makes no sense to me at all. I don't generally carry my car with me when I'm walking in the countryside. GPS would be infinitely more useful for me than the wifi features added to the A77II, especially as I don't own either a smartphone or a laptop.

Granted, one does get hard pressed to remember exact details of places and dates when one is on holiday but I believe it to be a rather unnecessary feature and one I won't miss.

I belong to a natural history group that requires all submitted photographs to include the location where the picture was taken. That can mean trying to remember where I took a close up of a butterfly on a flower, or a shot of a bird in flight, with no landscape in view to identify the area. GPS tagged photographs (and Lightroom's map module) would be a real time saver compared with trying to work out where I'd been hiking months, or even years, earlier.

I'd bet that GPS would be useful to more people than a lot of the gimmicks and obscure features found on the camera. Judging from the comments (here and elsewhere) the lack of this feature is the main criticism of the A77II so far.

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