Canon 6D and taking pictures of kids ?

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Re: Canon 6D and taking pictures of kids ?

RandyB2 wrote:

Timbukto wrote:

I'm sure the photo has great sentimental value, but on a technical basis with the f10 aperture, motion blur, and even questionable focus and sharpness, its just not a very sharp picture that demonstrates nailing focus with thin DOF.

I have some shots in my gallery, my Easter shots are farther distance using 200mm, and I have some 85mm 1.8 shots from last Halloween.

Actually it doesn't have any great sentimental value. I don't know the kid. It was one of many kids at the Easter Egg hunt.

As I said the kid was constant motion. I did not have time to compose the picture and I had to use the lens I had. I don't like spraying pictures and hoping you get something but that was the case here. Because it has thin depth of field does not mean the camera did not grab focus. It may not have focus exactly where I wanted but again, the kid was in constant motion. I've taken Halloween pictures too and can assure you this was much harder. It was still a cute kid.

Were your pictures of a very small hyper kid running around like crazy? Did you get down on their level? Let see your great pictures. Prove to me how wonderful your pictures are.

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Well its obvious I must have offended you for whatever reason.  Here are a few that show the 6D can at least AF to some degree.  Again I am only commenting how a soft 40mm f10 shot with the 24-105L did not really demonstrate much about AF, I'm sorry you felt offended in some way.  Shot with 85mm 1.8 wide open in low light, or the 200mm f2.8 in plenty of light.  I would have liked to have filled the frame more with the Easter shots, but what is not easily evident in 200mm f2.8 shots is the crowd control aspect of the festival at the local park and how crowded it definitely was.

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