Fuji XT-1 and Lee Big Stopper

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Re: Fuji XT-1 and Lee Big Stopper

Jil wrote:

Hi Al,

Thanks - this helps. I often wrestle with the hard/soft issue as the Lees are not cheap and in going back over my Nikon kit last night I seem to have only one hard. Probably because I perceive the softs as more forgiving and default to them when I am not sure.

Nice that Lee has gone all-in with the Seven 5 - if I can make up my mind it would be nice to save a few $$ on one of the sets.


One thing to consider it that the focal length relates to the transition of a filter. 200mm with a hard edge is much softer than at 14mm, where even a soft grad filter can have a hard transition than at 200mm. This is because the bigger or narrower FOV at different FL looks through bigger or smaller part of the lens. See this article about transitions  I wrote a few years ago,

If you shoot at the shore or have straight horizons make sure you get a hard, if the horizon is often varied then you need a soft. Picking the right kit is tricky. I started with the starter kit with includes a 2-stop hard at a slight discount. I plan on adding a 2-soft and big stopped but not sure if I will go for the discount and get one of the kits for a third grad. Photo Ninja is so good with DR that I went back and played with a lot of old bracketed shots from my Nikon D300 and D200 and in many cases it can handle a single file but the less it needs to stretch things the cleaner the file.

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