POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: Photo Ninja

sherman_levine wrote:


FWIW, Photo Ninja has the reputation for doing particularly well at extracting decent detail from badly overexposed raws. We discussed it in some detail here


and it's been discussed in other threads as well



PN lacks some of the automated distortion and CA correction which DXO and Adobe do well, but that a relatively small issue at higher zoom levels.

Thanks Sherm. I remember that first thread, and trying the example for myself.

I have tried PN, albeit briefly, particularly because of the benefits it might give for my "bleaching" issue, but to be honest all I recall about that exercise was that I decided not to use it.

Choosing software is a complicated and time-consuming business, and obviously one needs a set of applications that work well enough together for one's purposes; there are so many trade-offs to consider with various combinations of applications. At the moment I'm struggling with hardware issues. I'm currently working on FZ200 vs G3 vs 70D with achromats (having sent back the 100L macro and MPE-65 - turns out I prefer using achromats, that was a big surprise for me.) So rethinking my software portfolio is something that is on the back burner at the moment. I'll take a look at those other threads though; thanks for the links.

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