Fuji 16-50?

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Re: Fuji 16-50?

Ed B wrote:

Lmendy wrote:

I like the 18-55. I would like to try the 16-50. There are 3 considerations that make me think the 16-50 might be a better choice (on an XE2 body):

1. Light weight and easier to shoot one handed.

2. Wider

3. I frequently change the aperture on the 18-55 accidently. I have the 27mm pancake and actually prefer adjusting the aperture with the rear dial on the camera body.

My biggest concern is image quality. Is the image quality similar between these 2 lenses?

Thanks to all.

No the 16-50 is not as "good" as the 18-55 but (...) I don't own the 16-50 lens

Everyone has an opinion on everything that they don't know first hand.

I've owned that lens for a few weeks and was very surprised by its high quality. To get more image details, you would have needed more pixels on the sensor.

So, for all the reasons the OP mentions, it's the perfect lens for him/her.

I sold it because I love to shoot in low light with wide apertures, but nobody could have blamed its image quality and the new owner loves it.

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