Fuji 16-50?

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Re: Nope

Kevin Patrick wrote:

RhysM wrote:

Nope, cheap mass consumer produced piece of plastic just to make a bit money for Fuji by enabling them to bundle it with the cheap X cameras in order to fund the R&D of the real X lenses/cameras.

I will get the 16-55 2.8 though. But definitely won't ever be buying an XC lens, it's not what the true X system was/is about.

Right. Because unless you are a camera snob you are not worthy the Fuji X system. Guess Fuji does not know what the "true" or "real" X system is about either.

Not a snob, just appreciate a quality made item. As with all products/manufacturers they have a premium line and a not so premium line. You look at Mercedes, Porsche, Bang & Olufsen, etc they all started as premium brands and later introduced more affordable line to supplement their income.

Of course they know what the X System is about, it's just also a business and needs to diversify to make money.

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