POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

Started May 1, 2014 | Polls thread
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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

Not sure of the purpose for this thread but, for what it’s worth, I see RAW as a complete waste of time.

I often see the efforts of RAW advocators on this forum and must admit to being less than impressed with the results they’ve attempted to achieve by spending extra processing time on a PC compared to the split second it takes for the likes of a Panasonic FZ to spit out a beautifully rendered Jpeg, especially where in-camera picture adjustments have been primed to optimum before the event.

Furthermore, as a keen wildlife snapper, the 5 FPS burst mode available on the likes of the FZ150/200 is an invaluable asset. Shooting in the Jpeg only format means I don’t have to wait for the buffer to catch-up, which is something I’d almost certainly have to do if attempting a running sequence of shots in the RAW format.

I’ve said it many times already, but in my experience there’s no better Jpeg producing machine than the FZ150 when it comes to this type of camera. And on the rare occasions that the 150 doesn’t quite spit out the quality I expect from it straight OOC, a brief few moments spent in Photoshop 7 (the old pro version), usually does the trick. Fact is, the be all and end all of post processing does not start and finish with the RAW format. In my experience Jpegs lend themselves very well to after shot tweaking on the PC; it’s just that most of the time no further adjustments are required to out of camera examples shot in the finest setting.

So, whilst I appreciate that RAW users have the time and like to play around with their images, I’ve never felt that my own tendency to shoot only in the Jpeg format leaves me handicapped in any way. On the contrary, I’m still left gobsmacked by the quality and clarity of some of the Jpegs my FZ’s churn out in extra quick time; despite that I still feel the FZ200’s noisier than the superior 150 straight OOC.

And if there’s any doubt in the minds of anyone reading this that Jpegs aren’t up to scratch compared to RAW, check out the many FZ examples displayed from the likes of Donald B, Gary S, Cat150 and Ysal to name but a few of the better superzoom photographers we have here in the Panasonic Forum. As far as I’m aware, all four of those guys generally, if not always shoot Jpegs with FZ machines.

So, except for who really needs RAW, need I say more?

Happy snapping and regards

Stevie Boy

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