Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

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Re: Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

Thank you everyone for your input. i know my argumentation may not have made much sense and it seemed pointless for me to make this thread since I always argued against those dissuading me but it helped me confirm that I do want the D800.

The arguments against mostly seemed to be about finances and business practices, or getting the D600 instead. I explained that my finances are actually fine (my wife and I each are very fortunate to earn 6 figure salaries, we aren't struggling to make ends meet, i'm just super frugal). I am not trying to run a successful photography business yet - but I have set up a mini goal to pay back the D800 within 12 months from commercial work (half of that will come form old ms sales that I don't bother with any more)

The D600 wouldn't cut it, I want the better focusing and metering.

The D7100 might have worked out better for much of my wildlife work but the way I figure it in a couple of eyars time the D7100 will be way cheaper and there will be better crop camera out there. The D800 on the other hand will be had to age. I doubt I will ever need more than 36MP when shooting FF and high ISO performance is unlikely to change radically in the next few years.

So earlier today I sent my order into BH!

quick question, what CF cards are people using?

This site:

reccomends a Kingston ultimate but many other sites are claiming this doesn't work with the D800?

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