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But from that site the GH3 is faster!

josbiker wrote:

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Did the test the AF in live view for all the cameras? I can't find the page that makes the claim that the AF in the GH4 is better or faster than those other high-end cams.

You have to learn some German (or have a friend) and you have to learn how the site is made!

Look at my conclusion in my first post. THAT IS THE NAKED THRUTH.

Figures do not lie!

Just take a good look and you see the GH4 WINS

I see three lists regards AF shutter lag

Shutter lag (day light)

Shutter lag (low light)

Shutter lag (live view AF daylight).........

There are several cameras that beat the GH4 in all three and some that beat it in at least one.

EXAMPLE GH4 figures are .21 seconds, .37 seconds and .21 seconds for those three.

the EM-10 beats it in all three (.18, .28 and .18)

THOSE are the figures....again, yes the GH4 "wins" overall.....but not from what you have claimed.

Even the Nikon FF D4, D4s and D800 beat it in one of the three categories for AF lag.

If you mean AF rate.....percentage....there are something like 11 cameras that score a higher percentage.

I am not making any claims about any camera, I just don't see what you are claiming anywhere.

The GH 4 wins always under everyday circumstances

Gh 4 daylight - 0,21 sec. Nikon D4s 0,27

and "loses" in lowlight to the D4 and D4s

And also loses in daylight to the D800   you are picking and choosing to prove an argument of "best"

GH 4 with live-view 0,21 sec Nikon D4s live-view 0,92

Gh 4 has electronic silent shutter up to 40 pictures per second

Gh 4 has K4 video and stills 30 pictures/second 8-9mp. Magazine quality etc.etc.

Gh 4 cost € 1450,-

A6000 is less than half the price faster AF tracking with better IQ and only slightly behind in lag times...should sports photogs use that????

Nikon cost €5500.-

Nikon is big and the weight cost you an arm, etc.etc. Same for Canon.

Just buy a very fast lens e.g. 09. or 1.2 from the money you do not have too spend.

What more have can i to say than, just buy this extra ordinary camera and you are more than satisfied under every normal circumstances and more!

Please help yourself.

Ah, so now you are bringing in the other things that led to it being number one....

As far as AF lag.......From that site....

GH4 .21

GH3 .19

I am sure the GH4 is a wonderful camera and a better camera than the GH3 (it would want to be) but you can not even get the facts you are using to support your claims right.

BTW, my reaction time is not enough to make .02 of a second difference mean anything.....are yours?? (you don't have to answer that)

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