SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

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Re: SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

GadgetNeil wrote:

I wonder what views there are on this:

I have a Canon 60D and several lenses (ultrawide angle, macro, zoom telephoto, lensbaby), and I do photography purely as a hobby. My daughter just graduated from university, and when asked if there was something she would like as a graduation present, she said "an SLR camera". She has a point and shoot, but has played with my camera, and would like the creative options of an SLR, probably when she is traveling, or for general use.

She is petite, with small hands, so I was thinking that the SL1 would be great for her, and if she had a Canon dSLR, we can share lenses. But then she asked about mirrorless cameras, and I gather the EOS M has a similar APS-C sensor, so would give her similar picture quality, and the controls of an SLR. Any thoughts on the benefits of the SL1 vs the EOS M? Or for that matter, it looks like the T5i is similar in cost to the SL1, so is it a better option?

I would go for the SL1 or T5i over the EOS M. I got the EOS M a few weeks ago and just picked up a SL1 to test. No experience on the T5i, though, my next step up is a 7D.

Your daughter is interested in an SLR, and having lens compatibility with your 60D is a huge plus. EOS M autofocus is just too pokey to make it a primary camera, but you could get away with it if you really wanted the compactness of the M over the SLRs.

Depends on what she wants to shoot but the SL1 or T5i will be a good starter camera for her. Both are good choices but if she was going to get a T5i, I'd look for a better deal on a T4i, since the T5i doesn't add very much according to DPr:

The Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i is the company's latest addition to its novice-oriented 'Rebel' series. With more than two decades of continuous success in its film and digital incarnations, these little SLRs have been improved and refined to the point that Canon's biggest challenge seems to be finding new ways to distinguish its updated models. Place the new EOS 700D / Rebel T5i alongside its predecessor the EOS 650D and the differences are so minimal to be of little real importance.

  • Real-time preview of Creative Filters in Live View mode
  • Redesigned new mode dial that turns 360 degrees
  • New 'upmarket' textured body finish.
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