Good results with the 58 1.4G on a D800???

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Re: Good results with the 58 1.4G on a D800???

designdog wrote:

LD_50 wrote:

If comparing color over ISO range, ergonomics, speed, AF, etc then the Df over D800 argument can make sense. This is why I shoot a D4s and not a D800.

What if one rarely shot above, say, ISO 1200? And would not the increased dynamic range of the D800 vs the D4/DF at lower ISO mean something?

Increased dynamic range at near base ISO is meaningful, but it's up to you if that really matters. Dynamic range is so good on the Df/D4/D4s that I rarely feel like I'm missing any shots or am too limited in PP. I would expect the Df and D800 to even out around ISO 800-1200. D4s might be just a little bit better than the Df.

If shooting at low ISO most or all of the time (less than 1200 as you mentioned) I would pick the D800 over the Df but not the D4 or D4s. If ultimate image quality is what you're after I don't think you can beat the D800e with any FF digital camera. You'd have to go up to medium format.

After saying all that, when comparing high end DSLRs I tend to start with intended lens selection (basically Nikon or Canon), then look at ergonomics, AF, speed, viewfinder, and intended output size. I prefer the Dx series bodies from Nikon and don't want the camera to ever get in my way due to ergonomics issues, ISO limits, AF speed, etc. The D4s is the best balance for me so far. The Df doesn't appeal to me due to the ergonomics, AF, speed, and modern/retro controls.

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