A77II first impressions on DPR homepage now

Started May 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: A77II first impressions on DPR homepage now

zefelder wrote:

These photos are seriously over-processed. Little noise, but also alsmost no details.

I seen somewhere Sony says the noise is 20% less on high ISO compared to A77. If that's true I think practice this means there's almost no difference. I'd be happy to be proven otherwise.

At the higher ISO there is a lot of detail smearing, the question to me is can I get a image at ISO 3200 that is as good as ISO 1600 on the current camera, I would never expect more than 1-stop. My memory is not good enough for me to say that is true from these images, but my impression is that I could use higher ISO values for a similar quality.

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