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photo perzon
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getting better low light with sony rx100ii and Pana GM1 see samples

rattymouse wrote:

I might end up in the Ricoh family after all. I am in serious need of a low light shooting camera. My primary device is a Sigma DP2M which is great, except at low light. At the same time, my urges for a full frame camera are REALLY strong, so the Sony RX1 is a strong pull. But that price is a huge deterrent so I am left with nowhere really to go. Meanwhile, Ricoh has announced this GR camera, which while APS-C, seems interesting. Many here think I hang out in Ricoh land think that I am just a troll but I have always been seriously impressed with Ricoh's color. I still want a FF camera, but this Ricoh is very very tempting.

The mitigating factor here is actually finding a Ricoh camera in China. The one dealer that I knew carried the GXR and GRD stopped selling them due to no sales at all (I asked). They were in the best shop in Shanghai's largest camera mall; first store, right after the doorway. Ricoh used to be found there, but now have disappeared. Ricoh simply could not support even one shop in an entire camera mall (3 buildings, 6 floors each, over 100 photography stores).

Tough call.......

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Very dark corner of house.  Camera chooses on P all settings.

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