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Re: Really????

T. L. Rutter wrote:

I can't believe all this going back and forth on what it is made out of. Metal or Plastic and which is better. Obviously a fine metal would feel better to the hands and will make the camera look more expensive. Some plastic is okay while others make the camera feel and look cheaper. The HX200v is one example of a plastic that is supposed to replicate the look of older cameras.

Without a battery and lens, the camera FEELS cheap and toy-like.

With the battery inserted and a lens attached, the camera actually feels really nice to the hands and the grip is well made. I didn't put the neck strap on and on my first long walk downtown Houston, I was able to carry the camera with one hand gripping the grip and didn't have any fear of it dropping.

The EVF is exactly what I need. The color reproduction is amazing and it was able to help me get the shots that I wanted to. With the glaring sun, using the screen was difficult.

I love the menus and how everything is laid out with the exception of the exposure compensation. For the majority of my outing, I was attempting to adjust the exposure but later found out that it was the flash I was compensating! Now that I know where this is, it will be easier for me to work with.

The a6000, to me, is well balanced and I have very few complaints thus far. The first outing, I got a lot of beautiful pictures with a lot of ease.

I think for most of us the pictures are what it is all about.  Conventional wisdom holds that with digital cameras you spend your money on glass, which will continue to be usable with future digital cameras, rather than sinking a lot into the camera, the technology of which will be obsoleted in relatively short order.  Planned obsolescence? Yes, but technology moves on.

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