A77II first impressions on DPR homepage now

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Re: A77II first impressions on DPR homepage now

MikeNannie wrote:

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Ralf B wrote:


I applaud Sony for not abandoning the 'A' mount APS-C camera system.

The original A77 is a terrific camera in my opinion, and for Sony to build on that makes me very happy.

Anxiously waiting for the reviews and image quality comparisons.

Thank you Sony, well done, at least my large investment in lenses will not be wasted!

Interesting to me that a number of blogs and this website had pre production copies of the camera and yet, not one mention of image quality impressions from the 'initial impressions'. Surely you can get a good idea of its noise characteristics with a quick load into a raw converter. It shouldn't require a full blown iso test to get a feel for its capabilities. Did Sony tie the hands of these initial reviewers?

Low light performance - Better, worse, or the same as the current a77?

Inquiring minds want to know...

SAR has some links to sites with example images. Looking at the high ISO sample they look better to my memory but how much is better JPEG processing and how much lower noise I can't say.


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