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Group response: Ready for Fall

Stephen wrote:

Hi mate, well there are two items that don't belong together must be handy to manage both at the same time.

Roel wrote:

You really are the master of the pun.

The two elegantly weathered wooden items have nothing in common except their texture, until you unleash the "jeux de mots" of taking "fall" in two different meanings and put a smile on our face because of a strictly semantic similarity.

So what is it exactly that I admire here? A photographer or a word-smith?

Scott wrote:

I like the photo and the double entendre. It's a very nice composition, remarkable to me for the similarity in color and texture of the rake and crutches and the near absence of other colors. Well seen. I wouldn't change a thing.

Andrew wrote:

As Scott said! I have nothing more to add but didn't want you to feel ignored.

Yaelle wrote:

I'm more intrigued by the fact that you made a connection between these two previously unrelated items. It takes the picture into the realm of the extra-ordinary.

Group response:

Thank you all for your gifts of valuable time and your comments. Andrew, I especially appreciate your thoughtful and inclusive stewardship which anchors this Best of Threads for everyone's pleasure and benefit, and ensures that no one ever could feel left out or ignored.

My image of apparently unrelated objects juxtaposed is just another rock from a lode I'm strongly drawn to in the photography hobby, which is discovering relationships -- especially of ideas. I like a photo to be a springboard to other (mental) images, for both myself and for others.

Punning is always fun, but in photography I also use pun titles purposefully, aiming to gently open a "side door" path for viewers to potential wider meanings.

Here in Washington State there is a commonly-encountered traffic sign which reads "Right Lane MUST Turn Right" which text style annoys some of my family. They say, "Why does the sign have to be so insistent and demanding?"

Well, who can know the mind of a State Traffic Engineer?

But for me, I like a way of "directing traffic" in my snapshot neighborhood that is kinder, gentler, and hopefully -- pfunner.

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