Good results with the 58 1.4G on a D800???

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Re: Good results with the 58 1.4G on a D800???

I use this lens on a Df and a D800E. It's at its best (IMO) on the Df but the results on the D800E are still extremely nice. Here's an example of a candid taken with the lens on the D800E:

designdog wrote:

After much resistance, I ordered a 58mm 1.4G. Just could not deny the stunning photographs I have seen posted by users of the lens.

Of course as I wait for the Fedex truck to arrive, I am having buyer anxiety big time. Last night I read over all of the reviews I had originally looked at, and confirmed my decision to buy this lens. I know about its weaknesses and strengths. I have several high resolving, super sharp at wide aperture lenses. What I want with this one is character.

One point that I need clarification on is the lens performance on a D800. There are several reviewers who point out its strengths on a DF. This may partly be because they already have a DF, and are looking for some good things to write about it!

I realize that many D800 owners get the reps as full time pixel peepers, and that this is one lens that does not encourage pixel peeping, but I can't see why the same lovely character one gets using it on a DF, or a D4, won't also be apparent on a D800. Anyone out there with experience using this lens on a D800?


I'm a D4s shooter and have the 58 1.4. I don't currently own a D800.

Other than physical size perhaps balancing well on the Df (though I actually very much enjoy the size of this lens on my D4s, it sort of disappears), what would make the lens better on a Df over a D800?

On the D800 at equal viewing size you're going to get better resolution.

All lenses should see improvement by shooting on a higher resolution sensor unless they are unable to resolve above the level of the lower resolution sensor. If you're seeing more obvious field curvature or a bigger discrepancy between central and corner sharpness on the higher resolution sensor, you can simply down sample to a lower resolution, still beating or equalling the lower resolution camera's output. What am I missing?

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