New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Too expensive?

Dennis wrote:

I can see a couple potential problems with the pricing, though. First, there are already a lot of RX100s & MIIs in the hands of the target market for this camera.

And that is why the RX100-3 is targeting a DIFFERENT group of buyers, not the people/event shooters but more the landscape/travel etc. shooters who have very different requirements and were in general not enthusiastic about the RX100-1/2. This is a clever decision from Sony, targeting again the exact same group of RX100 buyers with a slightly improved model (there is only so much you can do with this concept ...) is getting more and more difficult.

Second, if the EVF pushes it past the point of being pocketable, there's more competition, both in small mirrorless and in competing prosumers (which, granted, lack the 1" sensor). And then you have the competing prosumers that were in the $500 range now selling in the $250-300 range.

According to rumor version 3 isn't really bigger than version 2, which is borderline pocketable IMHO. But I don't know any mirrorless camera with EVF and bright 24-70 or so zoom that is pocketable, not even 'borderline'. So what competition are we talking about?

Cameras with 1/1.7" sensor (plus EVF) are not real competition IMHO either, except maybe for very price sensitive buyers. But here again, what quality compact has an EVF these days? All the ones with bright and good quality lenses that come to mind lack an EVF.

I think here too you are disregarding the fact that people have different requirements, and things like a lens with high image quality (into the corners), 24mm focal length and an EVF can be very important for some (and totally irrelevant for others ...).

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