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vargan8 wrote:

Thank you all for the replies!

I will look into the lens rings.

@jm10 I have considered attaching a cloth. Could you tell me how you attached it? And where did you find it? I saw some striped ones in the pharmacy and nothing except kits with sprays in electronics, at my local one.

Yellow thread and needle that I borrowed from my better half:)

If you have a Walmart store where you live they usually carry the yellow 3-packs; typically in automotive section - it is better to ask where they keep it. Even if you don't use it for this purpose it is good to have the microfiber for general optics cleaning purposes...

I do not want to use caps because I find them too fiddly. When I found that many photographers use filters instead of caps, I was sold. The only IQ issues I found (online) were light flare. Other issues too but mainly with the lower quality glass. I have no real experience or testing with this, but it seems safer/easier to use a filter. I will take the risk to the filter and not use a cap with it, as long as I minimize the every day risks.

At this point, I took off the hood altogether. It just takes too long to screw it around.... (might as well get a lens cap too XD ) It is just a little too big for the bag to keep it in ready. And I am not very comfortable to have the camera weight on the filter in any way. An accidental bump at the wrong angle could damage the delicate plastics and cause difficulties to remove. I think the case would have to be a little larger than the hood attached, to safely use it like that. But that would be the ideal, I would think.

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