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Re: GX7 or A6000

Itamath wrote:

what do you think?

for general photography.. street, portraits, family, traveling etc.


Raist3d wrote:

to me the GX7 between the two because the GX7 has an electronic shutter option. If the Sony had that, it would be the Sony.

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I recently went through the same question except I was also considering the E-M10. If it helps you, the link to the discussion is here:


In the end, I decided to go with the GX7 but only because I was able to get that camera with kit lense and a bunch of other items (16 Gb memory card, 8 Gb memory card, bag, card wallet, filters, cleaning kit and tripod) for about $800 including tax and shipping which is the same price as the E-M10 and A6000 with lense. My use cases include: Family pictures, close-up pictures of can-sized art, and some streets photography.

To me the criteria that led me to the GX7 were:

  • Compactness of camera. (Actually, the A6000 wins in this category. This holds true when it comes to body itself. With the kit lense, A6000 only loses out to the E-M10 because the lense is bigger, but they are all small enough).
  • Ease of use for my wife (ie.: Auto mode). Manual modes for me. (All cameras have this.)
  • Availability and ease of setup of WIFI (E-M10 seems to have the easiest setup, GX7 the most complete options here.)Availability of a compact zoom for everyday casual pictures (With M43, you have 3 choices: Oly 14-42 EZ, Pana G X 14-42, Pana 12-32; Sony has none).
  • Touch Screen photo-taking (GX7 and E-M10 have this, the A6000 doesn't).
  • IBIS for versatility (E-M10s is best and most versatile, GX7 has a basic one for the case that you use an unstabilized lense but it's not working in video mode which somewhat limits your choices if you want a lense that can also be used in video mode - a strong argument for the E-M10. A6000 has none but you are limited to E-mount lenses anyway.)Availability of a good prime lense for portraits that can also be used for semi-macro (More choices with M43 than with Sony but all should have this).
  • Built-in flash (All cameras have this.)
  • Good quality pictures in both JPEG (for my wife) and RAW (for me). (Arguably, Sony does best here. But for me, it appears that all cameras do this well enough).
  • Occasional family videos (All do this, although the GX7 seems to be most competent here giving you choices for 30/60 fps.)
  • In-body Panoramic shots (GX7 and A6000 have this. A6000 has the more reliable implementation here.) for nice landscape pictures without the need for ultra-wide lenses.
  • The price has to be less than $900 and preferably closer to $800 including tax and shipping. (E-M10, and A6000 fill this criteria unless you can find a deal on Ebay.)

As you can see with this grab-bag of criteria, it still was a close call. If you just want a capable camera, all three will give you that. I am sure there are other criteria that speak in favor of one or another camera, but these are the ones I considered important for me. I hope that helps.

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