New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Too expensive?

Dale Cotton wrote:

Samaistuin: that works for me re the first two RX100 models. But just listen to the early feedback on this forum and the rumours site. The most frequent comment is not "Wow! Built-in EVF!" but "Whoa! I need that 100mm focal or longer, so I pass". Granted, enthusiasts have been jawing from the beginning about the slow f/4.9 tele; and this change gives them the magic f/2.8 number to silence that. But replacing max-100 with max-70 simply cancels out that improvement.

My interpretation of the current buzz is that people are more happy about the EVF than they are disappointed about the shortened zoom. Yes, I'have read participants stating that a max-70 simply won't do, which I understand, but it seems that most of us have accepted that we can't have our cake and eat it too - i.e. same max range, better aperture, better min range, same form factor, same quality.

Agreed. So if we eliminate the majority of enthusiasts and casuals, who's left? The answer I get is pros. Pros are forever on the look-out for a pocket camera that doesn't have IQ that can't take comparison to their high-spec dSLRs. Pros snapped up the original RX100 and became walking salespeople for it. Pros don't take workshops, they give workshops. I think Sony listened to the feedback coming from pros, pretty much ignored everyone else ... and priced the M3 accordingly. For Sony, the M3 is like the RX1, not so much a big-sales product, but a pure bragging-rights product. Presumably, also an attempt to add to the perception that the Sony logo can grace just as serious a tool as any Canon or Nikon.

Not saying the auto and scene modes won't be on the mode dial -- even the RX1 has those. Sony will take all the sales they can get, including, as ever, Mr/Ms Deep Pockets.

This is just where my initial read stands at the moment. Welcome any other takes on the M3's positioning.

I generally agree with the above, though with some nuances, especially regarding the sentence in bold.

With the RX100 series, Sony is trying to accomplish several goals at the same time:

  • Reposition itself in a rapidly shrinking market (compact cams), and aim for leadership
  • Consequently targeting enthusiasts whose needs hadn't been previously served
  • Milking enthusiasts as much as they can (them being less price sensitive and having lesser choice than in other markets)
  • Using enthusiasts as prescriptors towards the lesser interested crowd ("No mum, don't buy that P&S, better get a second hand RX100 instead"). Hence the presence of scene modes and endless filters, as you rightly point out.
  • Achieve technological feats not only for those enthusiasts, but also for the bragging rights
  • Brag to improve the perception of their overall brand, and hopefully improve the sales down the line

I don't think, thus, that they have completely tailored their offering and pricing for pros. They sure have listened to them (amongst others), but knew they wouldn't be the primary customers; as pointed by Technic below. When it comes to compacts, it seems to me that there is no difference between pros and enthusiasts.

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