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Re: Plastic (was) rapidly being confined to cameras under $800

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If you remember the very first NEX cameras, the 3 and 5, one was metal, the other plastic. The plastic one was more bulky because plastic is weaker than metal and requires thicker castings and things like threaded metal inserts to hold screws.

Actually plastic bodies are more sturdy! No problem at all with it.

Actually do you have any evidence to support your statement?

Do you have any evidence to support metal bodies are more sturdy? Because that's pretty much what started this whole thing.

No, I did not start this threadm nor did I say that metal bodies were more sturdy. And I have maintained all along that I just don't like composite caneras. A personal choice. I prefer the feel of a metal camera, such as my Fuji X10, or even my NEX-5R.

Since you have no evidence, I would suggest that under the right conditions, where the designers have followed the best practices, the composite cameras could be far stronger, depending. But if a camera is milled from a single solid aluminum billet such as the new Leica T, then no way.

Not wishing to appear contradictary, but even this would depend on the particular alloy being used - some aluminiums are not much better than a good cheddar, but if you use a nice strong 'Aircraft' aluminium (7000 series, something like that), then yes its going to be good and strong (and pricey).

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