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parallaxproblem wrote:

Helen wrote:

most of the Minolta XG SLRs of that time had this hybrid construction, whilst the XD's used metal top plates (at least the bulk of the production, it's possible that the very late, new-style logo ones may have changed).

My XG-M had a metal top plate, if I remember, but my X-700's had (well have) plastic top plates

The XG-M kept needing to be cleaned in order to work (internal contacts forever corroding or getting dirty). For the X-700's I had to keep soldering new capacitors onto the PCB just under the top-plate as it seemed to eat them. Happy days...

Ah yes - there were some problems with the XG and X series - including that sudden death of the camera due to a resistor that blew frequently!  I got mine replaced and the replacement blew seconds after being fitted!  In fact, the XG-M definitely also had a plastic top plate - it was probably plated with real chrome, though (though to my eyes, not as realistically as some of the other manufacturers, as the new-logo Minoltas had a very matte chrome finish which certainly managed to look quite paint-like).  I've an XG-2 which needs its mode dial twiddling frequently to stop it going mental due to contact corrosion.  It was a popular construction for the time - a polycarbonate top plate, flashed with a copper alloy (or maybe copper itself) to key it for the electroplating of the chrome top layer.  Black cameras like the X700 tended to have the copper layer too but were enamelled over it.  Pentax, Olympus, Nikon and Canon all used these methods (and other manufacturers).

Some of the models which retained real metal top plates nevertheless had polycarbonate baseplates metal plated this way, too.

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