New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Too expensive?

Dandrewk wrote:

I think we are mostly in agreement here. But a compact camera without changeable lens options is still a compact camera without changeable lens options. A big, beautiful home will ALWAY be priced in line with its neighborhood.

That depends ... a big, beautiful home in a less attractive neighborhood might still attract a certain group of buyers who will pay good money for it (e.g. because you don't like to live among the typical owners of big, beautiful homes; or because you want lots of space but don't want to pay top price for it). I know from experience

I don't buy a camera because I want to show that I have money, like the people long ago who walked around with a Hasselblad but were unable to use it. I buy the best tool for the job and I don't care if others think it is a cheap compact. In fact, all the better if they think that because that means less risk it gets stolen. Btw, that's another comparison with real estate.

And I get the "fits in my pocket" concept. I would say that feature is probably a bit more important to the "less than serious" photographer class... the same ones that are bound to be a bit more cost conscious about an unimportant hobby. How will the m3 compare to a $200 compact camera with a 50+ zoom lens to such a buyer?

Wrong. I buy such a camera as a second camera, a small alternative to a DSLR kit; and I'm guessing that a good percentage of RX100 are 'second' cameras. If I were less than serious about photography I would use a dumbphone. And again, I couldn't care less if someone is proud of the 50x zoom on his $200 point-and-shoot camera and laughs at my camera ...

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