New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Too expensive?

Dale Cotton wrote:

Samaistuin wrote:

I think it's always been clear: from the start, with the original RX100, Sony was targeting people like us; "enlightened amateurs" if I may (hopefully that doesn't come across as being too pompous). Big sensor, big price, one colour (and black at that, more like a Thinkpad than an Apple): who else than us would buy that?

Samaistuin: that works for me re the first two RX100 models. But just listen to the early feedback on this forum and the rumours site. The most frequent comment is not "Wow! Built-in EVF!" but "Whoa! I need that 100mm focal or longer, so I pass". Granted, enthusiasts have been jawing from the beginning about the slow f/4.9 tele; and this change gives them the magic f/2.8 number to silence that. But replacing max-100 with max-70 simply cancels out that improvement.

I think the RX100-1/2 and RX100-3 are targeting different types of photography, especially when the lens on the '3' stops at 70mm. The first two were really people shooters, the '3' looks more like a camera for landscape/cityscape, travel etc. Not just because of the lens, the EVF is also more useful for landscape etc. style; and as a landscape photographer I couldn't care less about a flash, never used one in the last 5 years or so.

I'm really happy with the direction they are going but I understand this isn't what the original RX100 owners want (they would have preferred just two stops extra at tele and maybe a bit more reach on the tele side). For me the shorter tele means an opportunity to improve the quality of the lens (especially corner/border quality at WA), which doesn't seem important for most of the current RX100 owners but it is a requirement for me.

Agreed. So if we eliminate the majority of enthusiasts and casuals, who's left? The answer I get is pros. Pros are forever on the look-out for a pocket camera that doesn't have IQ that can't take comparison to their high-spec dSLRs. Pros snapped up the original RX100 and became walking salespeople for it.

I don't know who is a pro in your book, but I don't think many real pros use RX100; that's just a small percentage of all RX100 owners. It is more likely a second camera for many DSLR enthusiasts.

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