Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

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Re: Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

Silverback1988 wrote:

that could maximize 50 MP in FF, so it will have the same resolution as the 50 MP MF with its lens ?


Or is it just too difficult (impossible) to make a such lens that sharp ?


So the only way at the moment is just to make the sensor larger, thus less stretch for the lens ?

YES. Resolution of the lens and pixel density of the sensor go hand in hand. If you have a small sensor with a big number of pixels (50mp as you suggest) than

I could understand if smaller format (such APSC or mFT) will have another problem, DOF control problem, even if someone could make a lens sooo sharp for them.

But there is no DOF control problem in 35mm FF, is there ?

But it has. The maximum sharpness (and so the resolution) of a lens is achieved at 1-2 stops down from it's maximum aperture. So if you have let's take for example an 50mm f1.4 than to use the maximum resolution of the lens you would have to shoot at f2. And then you have a very shallow depth of field. That is why we say that you have DOF control actually, not because you cannot achieve the DOF you want. FF can achieve shallower DOF than APSC or MFT. But in order to achieve maximum sharpness you need to shoot at a wide aperture and so you have a very shallow depth of field.

Sharpness is usually needed in shooting landscape and product photography. That is where you normally shoot f9 up to f16. Or even f22 for small products when you shoot with a macro lens. But after f9 difraction critically lowers the resolution that you can achieve with a certain sensor/lens pair. And the bigger the pixel density, the difraction kicks in faster.

Maybe just resolution problem in wider aperture ? in f/2 perhaps ? But not resolution in f/2.8 ?

Some one who know these, please chime in ...




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