A camera is just a camera.

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Re: A camera is just a camera.

VisionLight wrote:


Those images are a very pleasant trip through your recent work that show the capabilities of the tools you used to create them. The most important tool is the unlimited one, the photographer's ability not just to look but to be able to "see". And what "seeing" is is probably indefinable, as varied as there are people with different experiences and imaginations and strengths. But this vast world of possibility is why we have different tools to help create those images we "see". You are correct, a camera is just a camera, meant to record what it is pointed at. But cameras are in a way just like people, with different "personalities" and strengths and weaknesses. And one camera may match a person's way of "seeing" and capturing its expression better than another for that person. This may be due to any combination of the mechanical/technical/ergonomic specifications of the camera. Especially when the photographer has taken the time to learn the personality of that camera and how to apply good photographic technique to it. And even with the current state of equipment, this still could be limiting for some. So we have the third tool, post processing. That one more step that takes us from the scene that the camera looked at, to the vision and expression and play of light that the photographer was compelled to photograph in the first place. That vision may in fact be the reality that the limits of the camera were not able to capture, but post can recover and display. Or an improbable though artistic vision that probes or fuels the imagination, a different but valid artistic way of "seeing". A single tool may be able to create what we look at, but it most often takes all three tools to create was we "see". And the cameras and post processing keep getting better. There may come out a new camera with better mechanical/technical/ergonomic specifications that help the photographer translate "seeing" into the final image closer to the camera stage. And hopefully our ability to "see" and our techniques also develop to best use those new capabilities, lest they just be an expense without merit in our quest for finer images.

Cameras are just tools, but they can also become a very personal friends and a very integral part in helping us express who we are, in the way we want to express ourselves to the world. So the best ones are the ones we get to know, and how to work with them before, during, and after the exposure. But also keeping in mind that we can also have different friends with different qualities, and it is always nice to make new friends to explore the possibilities.

You obviously have made good friend in your SX50 and I always look forward to seeing the world you portray with it.


Thank you Ed for your excellent reply. It's with great interest that I'm reading your comments and vision about photography. You sure has a way with your words of expressing your thoughts and I mean this in a very good way.

You are so clear and easy to follow what you're saying and all of this make your posts so interesting to read.

Yes, I'm having a blast with the SX50 without a doubt the most fun camera I ever had and that includes my fav.camera the Olympus E-510.



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To keep my brain active I'm looking forward to my next trip. So much to see yet and not enough time.

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