How can more resolution mean worse images

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Re: How can more resolution mean worse images

camerosity wrote:

This is how I maximize the 36MP resolution of the D800. I use good prime lenses and a tripod. Anything else is wasting the potential of the massive resolution of the camera.

I shoot both a D3s and D800e handheld all the time. You don't need a tripod to clearly see a difference. I have no problem getting the full resolution out of my D800e without a tripod, and I tend to be pretty sloppy.

Also, you can use average lenses with a 12MP camera and get away with it - your images will usually look pretty good. But use that same average lens with the D800, 36MP, your image will show the bad qualities of that lens to you in much more detail.

What do you mean by "show the bad qualities of the lens"? If your lens is soft, a low resolution camera will make it look even softer. Does that somehow hide the fact that your lens is soft?

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