Thinking about jumping ship due to poor AF. Any help?

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Re: Thinking about jumping ship due to poor AF. Any help?

This is a tough one.i had AF consistency issues with my K3. However, when you get the right shot, there is nothing like the character of the images captured by Pentax. I recently moved to Fuji. I did this somewhat out of frustration with Pentax, K 3 is 2lbs, 20-40 cost me $1000.00, the cheapest modern Pentax flash is $400.00, the Limited's are noisy. You get the picture. I have been using the Fuji system for about 3 months now. I have come to realize the power of mirrorless. Specifically the experience of using a real world evf that really lets you compose your shot (except in really bright outdoor light), the light weight, etc. You know what, I still miss my Pentax and the character it brought to my images. I don't drink the Fuji koolaid regarding Fuji colors or jpegs and am am still finding that the images, even with their vest lenses are somewhat clinical. I haven't decided whether or not to get back into Pentax, or wait and see if Pentax begins moving towards the future. With the K3, everyone knows topped cannon and Nikon in APC. Problem is, cannon and Nikon are no longer the game to beat. Good luck with your decision.. Remember the grass isn't always greener......

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