New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Too expensive?

Sorry not to be clear -- removal of flash is a deduction, not a known spec.

The "full specs" leak says built-in EVF and very little increase in body size. When I look at my M2, I'm seeing no place to put the EVF but the upper right corner. And because the LCD consumes the entire left side of the back face right up to the top deck, I'm assuming the initial rumour that the EVF is pop-up has to be true as well. (Well -- OK -- it could  pop out from the left. <g>)

BTW: there's some chance we'll know the answers to these questions tomorrow. If Sony has indeed made a last minute change to the announcements schedule, there is going to be at least one retailer or other site that has their prepared RX100M3 product page set to appear via an automatic timer that hasn't been reset to the new date.

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