New RX100 to have 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens!

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Re: Too expensive?

Dandrewk wrote:

Good point, I didn't realize they were removing the flash.

That, we're not sure yet. This is only a speculation. Err... a speculation over SAR's speculation, that isĀ 

It has been suggested that the once tiltable flash could be directly integrated around the logo instead (so no tilt anymore but that's a compromise), or that it could somehow sit atop the EVF.

I suspect Sony is divorcing the RX, entirely, from the point and shoot crowd. They've done quite well with shrinking down pro-level full frame cameras. Now they want those same serious photographers to consider the m3 as a perfect addendum to their main setup. Something to -always- have with you and not give up too much the types of images they are used to.

At any rate, it's going to gather a lot of attention.

I think it's always been clear: from the start, with the original RX100, Sony was targeting people like us; "enlightened amateurs" if I may (hopefully that doesn't come across as being too pompous). Big sensor, big price, one colour (and black at that, more like a Thinkpad than an Apple): who else than us would buy that?

There is quite a consensus on this forum and in the "press" around Sony's target customers with the RX line, ever since the RX1 was out (though it seems to have been some hesitations regarding the RX10 - and I include myself amongst the doubters). This upcoming RX100M3, then, is no different.

As pointed in posts above, the traditional P&S customers don't care about the sensor size of their camera - they don't even know there are different sizes out there. They like versatility and numbers that speak, like the long zooms'.

Turns out these fellows aren't bothering to buy their small P&S at nearby electronics stores anymore, they're salivating over smartphones instead. Fine. This is where Sony's main camera department stops catering for them and hands the job over to the phones department. Xperia for the masses, forget the Cybershot; though there's some room for experimentation with the QX modules.

But it's also known that Sony has the tendency to "shoot many things on the wall and see what stiks" (this wording read recently in SAR comment); so it could also be that within its clear goal to attract advanced amateurs/semi-pros in the form of the RX line, it would allow itself to experiment a bit. I.e. a relatively classic RX100M2 and a bit more exotic M3. Sales will tell them if the ingredients of the M3 are appreciated.
... or maybe will serve as a reminder that price sensitivity is a notion that hasn't completely disappearedamongst its prospects.

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