Konica AR Hexanon 40mm f/1.8 pancake lens on E-mount.

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Konica AR Hexanon 40mm f/1.8 pancake lens on E-mount.

Hey all. I just got this lens delivered a day ago. Paid about $12 for it, in great condition. Street price usually ranges about $40-60 USD and it was my absolute first choice for a wide-ish standard prime to add to my kit. I love the 40mm focal length (and also 60mm on APS-C). I looked at about thirteen zillion images and reviews and links for the Super Takumars and Zeiss Jenas and a few legacy Vivitar/Pentax/Canon/Nikon/Oly lenses before deciding.

Love the small 55mm filter thread size. Center sharpness wide open. Smooth bokeh under *certain* conditions. Pancake form factor. I won't write a long-winded review here... I have a feeling those turn off more people than want to actually read them- when I've tried posting them on dpreview in the past.

I think this lens is a fantastic value proposition for many who want a prime lens, are comfy w/ manual focus + focus peaking. And primary concerns are IQ, price, form factor, and *some* smooth bokeh in that order. I got the Fotga Konica AR to Sony E-mount adapter on eBay, it fits & works perfectly.

Detailed thoughts & observations along with each of my newest uploaded images on flickr, for those interested in this lens and would care to visit.

Konica Hexanon 40mm f/1.8 pancake is great for high contrast b&w. There's almost circular to hexagonal bokeh from the lights.

Bokeh rendering is fairly good. Especially for a pancake lens, and at this price. With a fast aperture, too.

Below is my most recent image with this lens. Maybe some of you are interested in a fast, cheap prime or already were intrigued by this Hexanon pancake? If you'd care to start from there, you can find additional comments and observations with each image I shot yesterday:


Thanks for looking. Your comments, feedback, and personal experiences with this lens are also appreciated.  Cheers.

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